IASP Board & Committees 2014-2015 IASP


President | Sara England

Past President | Patsy Brock 

President Elect | Leah Nellis 

Secretary | Sara Miller 

Treasurer | Theresa Clark 

Management by The Corydon Group, LLC 

Lobbyist and Management Office | Kim Williams 


Region I | Elaine Meyer 

Region II | Sherrie Davis 

Region III | Mel Davis 

Region IV | Tiffany Neal 

Region V | Donna Deiters 

Region VI | Lisa Koester 

Region VII | Janice Huter 

Advocacy & Collaboration 

  • Active presence at State House 
  • Advocacy at regional level 
  • Collaboration with other organizations 
  • Collaboration with IDOE 
  • Partnership with school psychology training programs 
Fiscal Advisory Subcommittee 

Consists of the President, Past President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary and Membership Chair 

Leadership & Management 

Management of fiscal operations (budgets, financial reports); Bylaws and constitution; Developing goals, coordinating, activities, and accountability; Planning and conduct of the board retreat; Planning, conduct, and follow up for Executive board meetings; Use of technology to support overall management and operations 

Membership & Communication

  • Communication with members, graduate students and faculty 
  • Publicity for organization 
  • Newsletters 
  • More incentive to join/better communication 
  • Recruitment of executive board members 
  • Recruitment of new members 
  • Voicing current issues/actions to membership
  • Use of technology for communication (e.g., online/networking listserv) 
Professional Development & Advancement 

  • Lending library accessible and available 
  • PD at the regional level 
  • Online training opportunities 
  • Involvement of grad students and early career 
  • Annual 5 K/ conference promotions 
  • Awards and scholarships (increase amount and number) 
  • Regional meetings 
  • Coordination of regional activities and PD 
  • Spring conference 
  • Fall conference 
  • Resource on licensing (state/national)

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